Organic Cotton?

Why choose organic?

Organic Cotton is good for your baby's sensitive skin because no harsh chemical are used in the process. As clothing is in constant contact with your baby's skin its important to select clothing made from sustainable fibres such as Organic cotton which ensures harmful toxins and chemicals are kept away from your baby's skin. 

All our clothing contains the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) organic label. GOTS is the world leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, which validates that the clothing is Organic cotton and is free from toxins.

Organic cotton is comfortable

Organic cotton tends to be more comfortable as the threads of the cotton haven't be broken down or damaged by chemicals during the growing process. 

Better for the environment

Organic cotton is better for the environment as the crops aren't treated with pesticides or insecticides. These toxins are harmful to the farmer, workers and the entire wildlife eco-system

Organic clothes last longer

Clothes made from Organic cotton last upto five times longer than clothes made from standard cotton, as the threads of cotton haven't been exposed to toxins during the growing process enabling the threads to stay intact. This is great news as it means your baby will get more wear out of their Naturally Tee clothes.